van Deurs

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The van Deurs fashion brand was founded in 2006. At the start, there was a disparity between the luxurious quality of the products and the comparatively pale branding and communication.
Boco was contacted to work together with the design agency Ohlsonsmith on a complete rebranding and repositioning of van Deurs – elevating it to reflect the exceptional design and quality of the products.

The signature of the van Deurs brand is pleated garments and accessories. Ohlsonsmith decided on a dramatic approach that focused on materiality – and adapted the signature pleats and the tactility of the fabric itself as the central element of the new branding. To complement this bold new visual branding, Boco renamed the products with references to historical garments and theatrical costumes and created a confident verbal identity and copy approach that formed the basis of our writing for all press and marketing material for the van Deurs brand’s relaunch.