Ikea Family


International editing
Verbal identity management

Ikea Family is a loyalty program, and also produces books to support the company’s broad range – books about the products and design history of Ikea, inspirational books about interior design, books about safety in the home, children’s books and cookbooks. Ikea Family’s books are usually translated from English into many different languages and sold at Ikea stores around the world.

Boco’s principal, Janet Colletti, worked for many years as a copy supervisor, copywriter, translator and editor for Ikea – and was asked to bring that experience to Ikea Family’s book series by serving as international editor and Ikea verbal identity adviser. Her services included preparing and quality controlling the English master texts for each book, ensuring Ikea product terms, verbal identity and tone of voice, and briefing international translators about the special challenges of each title in order to guarantee the same tone and high linguistic quality in all language versions.